The Minus 112 Theory


A Mathematical Imperative!  

Having been asked to concisely explain this Minus 112 year theory, I will begin by saying: There is not one entry in the Annals of the world in which all three time line dates are "mathematically correct".  That is a fact that will soon come to light as we proceed with this "mathematical investigation".          

All corrections add to Minus 112 years!(Rarely, -113).


All of these "mathematically correct" conclusions are based  upon simple "addition and subtraction".  This is true for 7000 entries! Not one is correct!" in Ussher's monumental tome.

The first major correction has been noted by scholars for over 200 years: PP #63 & 64 record  the birth dates of Abrahsm & Sarah in 2008AM & 2018 respectfully. This is exactly 60 years late!  They were born: 1948AM, 2770JP, 1944NC/BC.  I use NC/BC in this work to distinguish the New/Chronology date from the J. Ussher mis-calculation for BC: that one particular time line. Sarah, therefore born 1958AM, 2780JP, 1934NC/BC.  J. Ussher assumes that Terah died before Abram left Haran. These annomalies were noted by an editor of The Book of Jasher, M. Noah. 

So, at this point down to the Exodus all NC/BC dates of Patriarch's will be reduced by 112 years.  But, the AM time line date remains valid.  Not so for the Julian year date, as, we must add 112 years to the 710JP date of James Ussher because that part of biblical history "moves close to our time" by exactly that number of years, so 710 + 112 = 822.JP at "creation". 

Now, 65 years on AM timeline , the BC timeline (Total, again -112 years) James Ussher's entry for the year of Exodus is: 5 May 2513cAM, 3223JP, 1491BC. (PP#191).  This date is too early by just 47 years, as, the Seder Olam and Book of Jasher claim 2448AM, 3270JP, 1444NC/BC to be the "Actual Count" of years from Adam to Exodus.  This, we shall see is right on the exact year of 430 years from God's "promise" to Abram in his 70th year. (Not his 75th) year even though that is the year that he did "Go Down into Egypt". 

All of this is formulated on the "Mathematical Imperative" Home page of this work.


The next Major mis-calculation is found at entry #468, in which 3001AM, 3710JP, 1004BC is recorded as the "dedication" of the First Temple of Solomon, "which opened the fourth millennium of the world". 

This date is exactly 49 years too early from the real "dedication year: 2937aAM, 3759JP, 955NC/BC. Since 49 years is exactly one Jubilee, we can certainly perceive that James Ussher, in this case, was exactly one Jubilee too early with this entry for this important Biblical event;

All of this re-calculation leads us to the conclusion that both King David and Solomon "lived" exactly 49 years "closer" to our time. This will confirm in the link to "Biblical Event Chronicle".

King David born 1035 minus 70 years = 966/5 for year of death. 2857AM, 3679JP, 1035BC.

Solomon born 986 minus 58 years = 928/7 for year of death. 2906AM, 3728JP, 866BC.

So, by "bringing the Biblical Patriarch's closer" to our time by 112 years and the dedication of the First Temple to 955BC from 1004BC we then realize that now all of the minus 112 year "mis-calculations" are on the AM & JP time lines throughout the rest of the "The Annals of the World".  This "seems" strange, indeed, but, it is true!

Frankly, I have no idea how archbishop James Ussher did come to "frame" his chronology in this book. I am sure that he did his best with the information that he had 357 years ago.  It seems that he just made a few "assumptions" that greatly altered the real Jewish AM time line throughout  his record of history.

It seems that many historians and biblical scholars also took his dates as Gospel truth, assuming that such an eminent church scholar must have rechecked, repeatedly, his own work before publication.

Since mainly two historians are "regularly followed" (Josephus & James Ussher) we can certainly comprehend how our biblical scholars have been at "loggerheads" over the existing historical time line for well over 357 years!

Now we can have "clarity, reliability and veracity" in the realization of this New/Chronology.


© 2008 Robert P Killian

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