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The minus 112 year theory  

Suggested modifications in the time-line of James Ussher: The Annals of the world 

Yes! another biblical Time-line. This one works!  Try it, you'll like it!  


Yes, another biblical time-line will be about the 1001th. But, as I had taken up a challenge on the question of: Are the dates of The Annals of the World "reliable" about three years ago, I really dug into just the two first "Ages".

In this book by the Archbishop of Armagh I found a cumulative error of 112 years, (- 60, - 5, - 47) = - 112.

The first major one was the calculation of the birth-date of Abraham of exactly 60 years. So, I decided to add the dates that were best established within the text of the Old Testament.

Since it is now pretty well acknowledged that the 4th year of the region of Soloman is 964 BC and the number of years back to the Exodus, given in the biblical text is 480 years. Of course this adds to 1444 BC.

Now if we add the famous 430 years back to the exact year of the "call to Abraham to go out", which was not his 75th year, but, his 70th, which with the New Chronology (-112 years) is 1874 BC.

The next step is to add the 70 years, not 75 years, when he did "go down",  of Abrahams age at his "call to go" to return to Cannan, for, as we read in the book of Jasher it is his second trip to Cannan, with the next well known date of biblical scholars, which is 292 years back to the Flood. So, again we will add 1874 + 70 + 292 = 2236. Now, this year 2236 is exactly 1656 back to the "creation" and Adam in 3892 BC. So, now we add the 112 year error that is found in the work of James Ussher, and 3892 + 112 = 4004. Exactly the number that he begins his calculations in the Annals of the World.

Try the math as I have explained and you will comprehend that the structure of the time-line of biblical scripture is.

            1656 yrs from "creation" and Adam to Flood

           + 292 yrs from Flood to birth of Abraham.

           +   70 yrs from his birth to his 70th yr "call to go"

           + 430 yrs from "call to go" to Exodus.

           + 480 yrs from Exodus to 4th year start "Foundation" first Temple

           + 964 yrs from start of temple to BC/AD.

Total = 3892 yrs from "creation" to BC/AD

Now, Jacob, at 130 yrs in 1654, not 1766 (Ussher)

That Is 220 yrs from the "Call of Abraham", and from that date to Exodus 210 yrs is 1444 BC. So, we "see" that from the 70th yr "call" to Exodus is 430 yrs "...to the day " just as is written in biblical scripture and confirmed in The Book of Jasher.

We may just have to subtract 112 years from all of James Ussher's "patriarcal" biblical dates to properly understand the real Biblical Time-line of the early Patriarcal times.

Thanks for your patience, time and attention to this important explanation of this problem that has puzzled so may of us biblical scholars for so many years. 

I am putting this out to public revue so that others may critique these New Chronology. "Suggestions"

© 2008 Robert P Killian

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